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Welcome to Coyote Technical Services, LLC! CTS was formed by a couple of computer geeks and a financial geek who needed a place for their various projects. In the course of evaluating the costs involved in doing this, we all came to the conclusion that "wouldn't it be neat if we could share this with other geeks?". We took a closer look at the costs, and came up with a list of domain hosting packages and services we could offer. Be sure to check out our Terms of Service -- We think you'll like it. Simple and to the point. We've also started a FAQ for some of the more common questions we think we'll get.

Now, we're not your typical big company. This is hosting by geeks for geeks. If you don't know how to setup your mail or ftp program, then we're probably not the best fit for you.

What we do offer is Bang for the Buck. We're not going to try and compete based on price. We're not the cheapest around. We admit it. However, we feel that we offer the best value for your money. We not only offer a generous number of mailboxes and aliases, we have a control panel that you can use to add, delete or change your mail settings at any time, day or night! We have installed Spam Assassin and make it available to you to use to tag suspicious messages. All email is virus scanned before it gets to your mailbox. We feel you'll find the value of our services outdistance those low-price hosting services.